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RT @UpIander: RT @UpIander: Not a peep in the press about Corbyn's embarrassing/ill-informed gaffes on his Scotland region tour, are they too mortified t…

RT @Kirsty_Maj0r: Khan's decision to allow residents to vote on estate regeneration is brilliant. Inevitable after Corbyn's speech at conference and the fall out from Haringey, Southwark etc. Well done people like @sianberry for campaigning on this for years!…

RT @voteforrudd: Jeremy Corbyn's #socialist utopia #Venezuela is in big trouble but they still feel that #socialism is the answer. #Maduro was railing at news that credit ratings agencies finally said the d-word – default – in relation to Venezuela’s massive foreign debt. #TheCorbynCon

RT @voteforrudd: Corbyn's Sunday Diary - 9am Andrew Marr Show 11am Coffee with #Hezbollah 1pm Lunch with #Putin 3pm Skype with #Hamas 7pm Dinner with #Assad 9pm Down time with Diane PEACE RESTORED 😉 ☕

RT @voteforrudd: When Emily Thornberry was asked to name a country where Corbyn's style of #socialism had worked she struggled and then said Germany ... Really? #LabourFail #TeamTory

RT @AmandeepBhogal: Corbyn's "New Kind of Kinder, Gentler Politics" 👇 When Labour Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell appallingly joked about lynching Conservative MP Esther Mcvey. Utterly. Shockingly. Disgraceful.

RT @AmandeepBhogal: And So It Begins... "The most senior Labour woman in local government" hounded out after Corbynistas deploy Corbyn's "Kinder, Gentler" politics. In Corbyn's Labour - if you are a moderate every day is Mayday...…

RT @AmandeepBhogal: Corbyn's legendary flexibility with the truth strikes. Again. Disgraceful politicking of #freeschoolmeals The truth: 🔘No one currently eligible for free school meals under Universal Credit will lose their entitlement. 🔘50,000 MORE children will receive school meals by 2022.

RT @AmandeepBhogal: Seen Corbyn's FAKE news claiming a million children losing #FreeSchoolMeals? 👇Now hear the FACTS from @JamesCleverly 🔘No one will lose free school meals currently entitled under Universal Credit. 🔘50,000 MORE children will receive school meals by 2022. #YouCantTrustLabour

RT @AmandeepBhogal: The Absolute State of this👇 Watson's appalling excuses for Corbyn's anti-Semitic mural support: "You're showing it me on 32" screen... I've seen it about a 100 times on social media - very different from seeing it on FB when you're on the move" Oh and Corbyn has NOT apologised