All deleted tweets from politicians

@chrismasonbbc I kept on expecting the astronaut on the left to hold up a newspaper with today’s date.

RT @OfficeKTMP: RT @OfficeKTMP: Our thoughts are with the victims and families of today’s terrorist attack in Egypt

RT @The_FJP: RT @The_FJP: Today’s Papers In which Germany’s Berliner Kurier doesn’t mince words.

RT @MullOKintyre: Did you catch us getting a mention on today’s @thismorning show on their ‘Ultimate Christmas Cheeseboard’ piece with ex Corry star @SeanWilsonChef ? A great review! Make it @MullOKintyre Cheddar on your cheeseboard too this Christmas! #proudfarmers #xmascheeseboard #mullofkintyre

RT @passantino: RT @passantino: Compare the Canadian and US readouts of today’s phone call between Trump and Trudeau

RT @EssexCanning: Read my comments on why we need to grow a young movement, not build one, in today’s @Independent.…

RT @EssexCanning: RT @EssexCanning: This in today’s @timesredbox is worth remembering.

RT @NickJTimothy: RT @NickJTimothy: We know what Britain wants from Brexit talks, but what does the EU want? My piece in today’s @Telegraph:…

RT @Labour_Cllr: RT @Labour_Cllr: Excellent stuff from Prof’ Peter Slee & @Emma_Hoddinott at today’s #EPF17 event in Hull

RT @jeremycorbyn: Today’s Queen’s Speech was a threadbare legislative programme from a government that has no majority, no mandate and no plan. #QueensSpeech