All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @mariedanielles: RT @mariedanielles: fine, parliament. FINE. I’ll get into the Christmas spirit or whatever.

RT @Puffles2010: RT @Puffles2010: “I’ll hold you to the applause - I don’t want to be the only one in front of the bulldozer!”… @heid…

Well, that’s settled which channel I’ll be watching……

These are your priorities, and they are mine. It's a hung parliament; I’ll never apologise for fighting for a Labour majority government.

Back to work. Tomorrow I’ll be flying to Toulouse with @easyJet, collect their first new Airbus A320neo, discuss Brexit jobs with Airbus.

I’ll be on @BBC3CR just after 5pm to discuss this.…

For those still up, I’ll be voting against the latest Tory Brexit bill in the small hours of this morning. It’s a massive land grab.

@mjmj323 @appgsextrade Really sorry to hear that, I’ll flag it up with the event organisers. Thanks for your support.

@_bintBilal Have seen your email; there’s a debate on Myanmar which might prevent me on that day but if I can slip out I’ll come meet you.

The #EUWithdrawalBill starts its detailed scrutiny in the Commons today. It’s a bad bill. I’ll do everything to improve it to keeps jobs and growth for Luton.