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Visionary Leader - Daddy to my kids -Former Councillor -Member of SA Parliament - Chairperson of Electoral College -Deputy Chairperson of JHB Region-DA activist


Cumhuriyet Halk Partisi (CHP) (Republican People's Party)

60-65 people have lost their lives, what has been done can weaken our people's confidence in currency and banking system: Dr Manmohan Singh

Bernadette had to cut short her education due to bullying over her ethnicity. But she's now working to help transform young people's lives

@DouglasDaniel That's the Popular People's Front of Powis telt

Oh you've noticed what you're doing to people's lives have you?…

RSA Min of Sport (ANC) tweeted :

With the recently dubbed "People's Bae" uMdu wodumo #GSA2016

RSA Min of Sport (ANC) tweeted :

People's Choice Award nominees Chad Wayde Caster Kagiso Seabelo #sportsAwardsNominees

RSA Min of Sport (ANC) tweeted :

You can participate in the Sport Awards. Please VOTE in the People's Choice Awards Vote for: Kagiso, Chad, Wayde, Saebelo, Caster

RSA Min of Sport (ANC) tweeted :

And that is why Kagiso is nominated in the Sportstar of the Year Award and also in the People's Choice category. He is exceptional.

RSA Min of Sport (ANC) tweeted :

He is also nominated in the People's Choice category of the Sport Awards. We recognize that excellence amongst us ! Big ups to him…

RSA Min of Sport (ANC) tweeted :

A winner in the People's Choice Award category wins ( 1 ) a Luxury Car ( 2) a Million Rands which half of it goes to charity of choice!