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lid 2e Kamer voor 50PLUS eerste woordvoerder: financiën, belastingen, economische zaken en Klimaat, Europa (en Brexit), LNV

RT @JasonCowleyNS: The FT's Martin Wolf on the "spectacular mess" that is Brexit: The Brexiteers are the Jacobins of UK politics - and Britain is a shambles

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RT @jloopz: RT @jloopz: Brexit. One step forward

RT @natebecker: RT @natebecker: "We underestimated the vote in rural areas" - Chuck Todd. Sounds a whole lot like Brexit.

RT @Mafalda_Damaso: RT @Mafalda_Damaso: Davis (the #Brexit Secretary of State) is finally starting to get it. Only took him 6 months.…

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RT @kirschly: RT @kirschly: @jonworth Seriously, did you have a look at this proposed "Rue du Brexit"? It's quite remarkable, really.…

RT @ezlusztig: 4. Younger Brits don't want #Brexit & their virulently anti-Trump politics will sponsor massive protests while new trade deals negotiated.

RT @ezlusztig: Tonight Parliament voted to begin #Brexit. Here's a reminder that younger UK voters were overwhelmingly against. Will cast a long shadow.

RT @Be_Herrero: Countries which will suffer the most from #Brexit 1. UK 2. Ireland 3. Belgium / Lux 4. NL 5. Portugal 6. Spain [@CEPS_thinktank #IMCOBrexit]

RT @glosswitch: RT @glosswitch: Really, really can't face all the liberal thinkpieces, à la Brexit, explaining to us that it wasn't just hate that won. It…

RT @noahbarkin: RT @noahbarkin: Bloomberg is reporting from sources what has been the official line from Berlin for months: no pre-Article 50 Brexit talks…