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RT @Mthoko_Mpofana_: RT @Mthoko_Mpofana_: When Maimane talks about hopelessness, it'll strike a chord for many. I look around my land & see despair.

Johni Edwards (DA) retweeted @NFAgov :

RT @NFAgov: RT @NFAgov: We're extracting all user,pass credentials - Buttt..its Blind/Timed ..It'll be a minute.

RT @PuliMolete: RT @PuliMolete: Started running last Saturday. Hopefully, it'll help me get fit and in shape.…

godrich gardee (EFF) retweeted @tumisole :

RT @tumisole: #CountryDuty #Woza2019 It was on this day that He arrived in some Metros! In 2019, it'll be critical but stable!

RT @karynmaughan: RT @karynmaughan: BREAKING: ABSA says it'll challenge @PublicProtector's "unreasonable and irrational" CIEX report in court.…