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Labour MSP for Central Scotland.


Scottish Labour MSP for North East Scotland

RT @Southsidegrrrl: RT @Southsidegrrrl: @Dr_PhilippaW Wow Philippa! So chuffed for you to be inducted as Saltire Society 'Outstanding Women of Scotland'. Con…

I'm voting remain in EU w/o regard to a future #indyref, but on own merit & because it is right for Scotland to be in the EU, in or out UK.

Have to say, Wales, Wales, lovely Wales. You have done what we in Scotland can't achieve. Stars. Must be delighted.

@daveburns422 Not at all. I still don't understand Peston remark as was travelling home to Scotland, bt like I sd, Jo's passion shone today.

RT @AlynSmithMEP: RT @AlynSmithMEP: Gender equality matters & the #EU knows it! The #EU is best for Scotland!

@DAaronovitch In what sense, David? Because of #indyref? Which people in Scotland voted for.

Please help support Scotland Stronger In Europe, add a #Twibbon now!…

@friendsofderek People in Scotland did not vote for a party which wanted a referendum on EU in 2015.

@DAaronovitch Ok, let's break it down. Is your issue that the "us" I refer to is Scotland? Which didn't vote for an EU referendum.

Makes you so gutted that Scotland aren't there when you see #Eng #IRL #NI & #WAL all through. Did I mention my mum 1/2 Irish? ;-) #EURO2016