All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @_rfair: RT @_rfair: Perhaps I’ll discover the science behind rainbows today @TheForumNorwich @NorwichSciFest

RT @MitchPileggi1: RT @MitchPileggi1: Well, actually I’ll be in rehearsal…just thought this was cool.

@watfordpete I’ll pass it on; I wasn’t consulted. I’m campaigning for/organising for Remain and we have @richardhowitt at GC tonight.

@watfordpete @richardhowitt Great, let’s meet up. Done a bit of work on this already; I’ll DM you.

Thameslink could come under control of London Mayor. What do you think?… I’ll be putting in a consultation response.

@olliedodd Yep, I’ll be voting to renew tonight.

@mohammedarfan I’ve been elected by the people of Luton South. Until they change their minds, I’ll be their MP.

I so proud of Luton’s comprehensive education system, of which I am a product. I’ll fight these divisive Grammar Schools all the way.

I’ll be on @BBCLookEast from 6.30pm on the second failed free school in Luton in the past year. The last one cost you £180k!

@alicksdobbs @bedspolice Yep, it’s a Labour motion, moved by our party, and I’ll be voting to support.