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Former EU Climate Action and Energy Commissioner


EU-Commissioner for Budget and Administration

Bernd Kölmel (EU) tweeted :

#EU-Haushaltsausschuss: #ALFA-Vorschlag für einen Fond für Terroropfer angenommen. Text z. Video:...

Bernd Kölmel (EU) tweeted :

#ALFA @JMDBarroso Vom EU-Kommissar zum Cheflobbyist. Video im Textformat:

Seriously, @NickCohen4? Eighty-four per cent of people say they want EU migrants already here to remain, and you write of ethnic cleansing?

@eurosluggard @NickCohen4 "The 3 million EU migrants in Britain, whose presence disconcerts so many..." So many? 84% say let them all stay.

(((Ana Gomes, MEP))) (EU) tweeted :

@JunckerEU @FedericaMog-no say yr pal eying another job thwarting process?no concern on #EU#UNSC/#UNSG credibility?…

(((Ana Gomes, MEP))) (EU) tweeted :

@JunckerEU @FedericaMog-no say yr pal eying another job thwarting process?on #EU#UNSC/#UNSG credibility? #georgieva…

@PCOwen_a @chrisbayliss90 @julianhitchcock New World wines will be 32% cheaper outside the EU' external tariff wall.

Daniel Hannan (unknown) replied to @Alliams :

@Alliams Even if that's true, you're saying that the EU isn't a club for mutual benefit, but a protection racket that must punish dissent.

@ProfBrianCox @alrightlandlord And it's doing pretty well under those arrangements, a sovereign democracy co-operating freely with the EU.

Annie Schreijer (EU) tweeted :

Triest dat kabinet geen tijd heeft voor exportsucces vleessector, feest vrijdag in Rdamse haven. Zelfs EU-commissaris @PhilHoganEU komt!