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Quite a bit of complexity around gender pay audits. I hope those proposing are well versed in it. Or it'll fall apart by the end of the day.

@indyref1 @LORD_FRASER @neiledwardlovat GERS for year ending 31 March 2015 published next Wed, 9th. It'll be a nightmare for the Nats.

Daniel Hannan (unknown) tweeted :

Brexit is a big deal; but that doesn't mean it'll be sudden or dramatic. Me for @dcexaminer.…

James Shaw (green-party) tweeted :

It's a big day for Auckland as construction gets underway on the City Rail Loop. It'll make a massive difference.…

David C Bannerman (EU) tweeted :

@tomconti makes v smart EU point @BBCr4today: 'It's wonderful idea poorly executed.. If we left, it'll be forced to reform'. @consforbritain

"It'll be a word of conflict and pain." He just said that. Nobody speaks like that.

Natalie McGarry (unknown) tweeted :

It's now recess, so it'll be a busy few weeks in the constituency.

@eddireader @rajbeartcreagh Aye, and it'll cost £6bn to renovate. Move and make it a historical museum.

#Truck Repeal the Tribunal’s new charge rate on contractor truckies. It'll render small contractors uncompetitive…

Natalie McGarry (unknown) tweeted :

A few issues with my mobile, so if anyone has tried to call or message, apologies. It'll be hors de combat for a few days. Email instead.