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MP for Orkney and Shetland, Liberal Democrat Spokesperson on Brexit and Foreign Affairs.


Member #MEP @europarl @eppgroup @cdu_csu_ep coordinator for @ep_singlemarket #digital #brexit #competition #EUswitzerland

Jorrit Nuijens (unknown) tweeted :

Going is the new staying. #Brexit #Farage #Johnson #Cameron

Jorrit Nuijens (unknown) replied to @NLinNY :

WIN?! WTF @NLinNY! Did u care, or ask us, or wonder if this vulture acquisition strategy 4 more banks in any way serves Amsterdam!? #Brexit

RT @NLinNY: RT @NLinNY: With Brexit on its way, Amsterdam might win the high-stakes financial sweepstakes…

Jorrit Nuijens (unknown) tweeted :

Amsterdam Council takin a break by non-ironically debating #Brexit and growth of our financial district. Greens not so poach-happy. Keep em.

Jorrit Nuijens (unknown) tweeted :

Man in falafelplace just now: 'do you accept British pounds?' *so proud of myself for not asking guy if he brought a wheelbarrow* #Brexit

Jorrit Nuijens (unknown) tweeted :

'Ever so kind, my dear chap, but no. No thank you, no really. Tallyho and tra tra!' #Brexit #KeepTheBanks (and Bojo)…

Jorrit Nuijens (unknown) tweeted :

Did the royal family retain their German passports? #Brexit

Jorrit Nuijens (unknown) tweeted :

If the Brits dont #Brexit, I think the EU should reward them by allowing them to drive on the left side of the street again. Oh.. Wait.

Jorrit Nuijens (unknown) tweeted :

Meest gegoogelde vraag in UK vandaag: 'hoe werkt EU'. Referenda, ga er elke x weer meer in geloven, m al die geinformeerde kiezers. #Brexit

@schwanneke @EllenBoontje1 Need a break? Have a #Brexit!