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Candidate for North East Cambridgeshire. Brexit Secretary


MEP @RenewEurope and Brexit Coordinator for @Europarl_EN #IAmEuropean

RT @themsmint: @MargotLJParker @Nigel_Farage We need him here! Hopefully it's one of his final days in Brussels! #Brexit

RT @consforbritain: Lord Lawson: Brexit offers us the opportunity to become a "genuinely self-governing democracy," via @thetimes https://t…

RT @KalvinChapman: Positive story about Universities and how Brexit will help them achieve more.…

RT @Mr__Smiley_: GREAT ESCAPE: Juncker's plan for ALL members to adopt euro revealed just DAYS after Brexit

RT @Mr__Smiley_: Lexit the Movie (The left case for Brexit ) via @YouTube

RT @Mr__Smiley_: BREXIT - THE MOVIE FULL FILM via @YouTube

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RT @Mr__Smiley_: BREXIT THE MOVIE FULL FILM via @YouTube

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