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RT @BaronFullstop: RT @BaronFullstop: @Mike_Fabricant If we leave the EU what will happen to all the Duvets and Continental Quilts? Still it'll be good for th…

@indyref1 @LORD_FRASER @neiledwardlovat GERS for year ending 31 March 2015 published next Wed, 9th. It'll be a nightmare for the Nats.

"It'll be a word of conflict and pain." He just said that. Nobody speaks like that.

@harris79 @AngTherese @samyarwood89 @Cath0378 doubt it'll happen again

Clarity needed from WG as to how they'll apply money from new VED arrangements. In England it'll be spent on roads; it should in Wales too.

Bob Neill (Conservative) tweeted :

Clear from last nights debate only Zac can deliver Night Tube, @Sadiq Khan bankrolled by unions who say it'll never happen #BackZac2016

If Ed Miliband makes it to No10 it'll the SNP pulling the strings - their explicit policy is for higher immigration. #sameoldlabour #GE2015