All deleted tweets from politicians

@WelshLabour assembly member Swansea East. Former @SwanseaCouncil Leader & Morriston Ward Councillor - Tweeting in a personal capacity

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RT @SgtMarkWatkins1: I spoke too soon!!! 7 Section 35 notices issued so far and underage drinking identified and alcohol confiscated. Been informed people are arranging to visit the beach on Snap chat. Please those involved spread the message this behaviour will not be tolerated

RT @CllrRoryFiveash: My daughter is 17 and has just got her first job, £4.20/h, travel costs £5 per day. On Sunday her employer charged her £9 for lunch and £1.80 for a Coke (from the Tap (which costs pennies)). This is what exploitation of our young looks like and its masterminded by the Tories.

RT @Jonantz: Theses are very important messages being set by @WelshGovernment, health professionals and @macmillancancer in Wales.

RT @PaulPophamFund: We would love it if you could join us for a glamorous and exciting afternoon of Virtual Horse Racing and Afternoon Tea and Prosecco. Entertainment from Drag Queen & Comedienne Diana D throughout makes this an event that you can't miss! Register here today

RT @DavidReesMS: RT @DavidReesMS: The number of people receiving their vaccinations in Wales is continuing to steadily increase…

RT @CyngBethel: Two years today we lost a wonderful man, a gentle giant and a exceptional politician (and we still see his legislation being implemented today). Thinking about the family of Carl Sargeant today.

RT @daranhill: RT @daranhill: Forever, boss, forever x

RT @daranhill: If you choose not to register to Vote then you are simply disenfranchising yourself. So be it. Being young or from an ethnic minority isn’t an excuse. Nobody is discriminating against you other than yourself.

RT @daranhill: Last two #thisisnotahustings before the election firmed up - joining me and @AlunDaviesMS on Tuesday it’s @MikeHedgesAM @JFinchSaunders & @MeleriEvs; then on Wednesday @suzydaviesam @sapphofem & @gaxenderrie ... as for Friday, stay tuned!

RT @daranhill: Another one done - the ever lively @JFinchSaunders @MikeHedgesAM and @MeleriEvs joined the ever lovely @AlunDaviesMS for today’s #thisisnotahustings - it’ll be online soon!