All deleted tweets from politicians

Mother. Feminist. Socilaist. Plaid Cymru Assembly Member for Mid and West. Views my own, not always those of those I work with.

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RT @Mahri_Irvine: Legalized #prostitution normalizes, promotes, and increases men's demand and entitlement over women's bodies. This is why it's so important to implement the #NordicModel instead of full decriminalization or legalization. #MVAW/#VAW #sexualviolence #sextrafficking #rapeculture…

RT @FflurGwen: Major PPE suppliers say they can't sell PPE to Welsh care providers because it's been reserved for care providers based in England. And this might be the reason why. This four nation approach is really working out well for us guys. 🙄

RT @FflurGwen: We can’t ever safely lift restrictions until we have a testing & tracing program in place like New Zealand and South Korea. That, according to this leaked @PublicHealthW, means 30,000 tests a day. Welsh Government capacity is currently 2,000.

RT @FflurGwen: Update the guidance. Give adequate PPE to all frontline health and social care workers. Then roll-out testing for them all. Now. Protect them in the same way they're risking their lives to protect ours.

RT @FflurGwen: First Minister Mark Drakeford says they don’t know if they have the powers to close caravan parks. Says they need lawyers in the room. He’s had days to find this out. Maybe he can just ask, @wg_CounselGen seeing as that’s what he’s there for. 🤔

RT @FflurGwen: PPE is only currently available for "known cases" of the Coronavirus according to UK Guidance - which the Welsh Government is following... ...except we don't know the full scale of "known cases" because people aren't being tested.

RT @FflurGwen: RT @FflurGwen: The Welsh did it first, mind. ◽◽◽…

RT @FflurGwen: RT @FflurGwen: Westminster ◽ doesn’t ◽ work ◽ for ◽ Wales

RT @FflurGwen: RT @FflurGwen: If you’re planning to go to the pub or to a club or restaurant tonight, here’s a word of advice. Don’t. #COVID19

RT @FflurGwen: RT @FflurGwen: Leadership.