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Tony Lloyd MP (unknown) tweeted :

With just four days to go to COP26, it’s time for Prime Minister Johnson to finally get serious about climate change. Labour is clear, limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees can’t just be an ambition, it’s an imperative.

Check out Resistance TV this Wednesday at 7pm when @flelizi will be talking to @steve040167 from the Insulate Britain campaign and Chris Jones from @ScientistsX It should a thought provoking show. Use this link to tune in:

RT @DerbyChrisW: There will be a #FreeTheTruth rally in support of Julian Assange on Tuesday. His extradition hearing begins the following day. Book your ticket here:… #FreeAssangeNOW

RT @ciarakellydoc: Dear @guardian Really interested as to why u culturally appropriate Irish writers as British? As liberal paper Ive seen u diss such behaviour elsewhere - yet youve no prob in claiming Ireland as some kind of district of UK? We’re not Warm regards Ireland…

RT @DerbyChrisW: My take on the govt’s decision to close the investigation on war crimes committed in Iraq, without a single prosecution taking place. Yet the ICC said there was clear evidence of war crimes by British forces, including illegal killings, torture a rape!

Tony Lloyd MP (unknown) tweeted :

📰Read: Addiction must be afforded the same consideration as any other health condition, yet access to addiction treatment and recovery is a post code lottery. That simply isn’t acceptable. 👇…

RT @voteyesireland: RT @voteyesireland: @TadhgHickey Excellent video. Partition is finally coming to an end. Well done @SusanMcKay15…

RT @Revolution_IRL: RT @Revolution_IRL: #RTEbias hypocrisy laid bare. Remember the millions the spent commemorating 1916? #GE2020

RT @DerbyChrisW: EVERYBODY should view this short video. Neoliberalism is fantasy economics. Yet the Tories, @UKLabour treasury team, SNP and LibDems all subscribe to this nonsense. Don't let the establishment get away with this con trick! Demand an economy for all. #MMT…