All deleted tweets from politicians

Chief Revenue Dude for @MIKROSAM, ex-FDI Minister, Tech, Marketing & Finance, photographer, ex-Citi quant, MSFT, Wharton, UofChicago alum

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RT @NatZiv: "If the true battle of our times is not the Left versus Right political theatre but command-and-control technocrats versus adapt-to-survive ‘emergents’, it feels as if we are losing" - Mike Driver God save us from Bill Gates & Co… via @theconwom

RT @Liz_in_Shanghai: Many are curious why #Singapore and #HongKong did so well with the coronavirus. Here's a thread pulling together what Singapore (and its people) did, that won the respect a citizen who has always been hesitant to excessively praise her own government.

RT @Harry1T6: Greta Van Fleet just announced a new record, The Battle of Evermor--I mean, The Battle At Garden's Gate (The Zeppelin comparisons are inevitable, but this does remind me of When the Levee Breaks)

Vele Samak (unknown) retweeted @jonmladd :

RT @jonmladd: RT @jonmladd: Now that Thaler has his Nobel Prize, he values it much more than he did before.

RT @maorwed: Every year or so, I revisit this seminal essay by @TaylorPearsonMe Why .. "Even when the odds are even, it isn’t the bigger, more powerful fighter planes that win in air-to-air combat, it's the smaller, faster ones."

RT @katdodd30: RT @katdodd30: Drinking almond milk automatically invalidates your right to talk about environmentalism

RT @davidsarac: “Only those who decline to scramble up the career ladder are interesting as human beings. Nothing is more boring than a man with a career.” Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn

RT @DistroKid: RT @DistroKid: Eddie Van Halen did the solo on “Beat It” in one take for free, as a favor to Quincy Jones #RIPEddieVanHalen…

RT @yaakosine: @nntaleb has been saying this for months now: The VIRUS is causing the economy damage, not lockdowns. Something libertarians and conservatives conveniently refuse to see.