All deleted tweets from politicians

MP for Rotorua. National Party Spokesman for Foreign Affairs and Trade; and Tourism. Authorised by T.McClay Parliament Buildings, Wellington.

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Todd McClay (unknown) retweeted @JordNZ :

RT @JordNZ: RT @JordNZ: Wait what - it’s ending and there is no policy announcement yet.

RT @NZNationalParty: RT @NZNationalParty: Here's what happens when the PM is asked about failing to deliver on her promises.

RT @NewshubNZ: RT @NewshubNZ: Simon Bridges, Mongrel Mob boss clash over gangs

Todd McClay (unknown) tweeted :

#criwnaccounts. The government’s pockets are getting fatter as kiwi families and small businesses do it harder. The government has more because you have less. How about more more operations and some roads Grant.

Todd McClay (unknown) tweeted :

Can’t organise a taxpayer funded election pamphlet but ’trust is to run the country’. #yeahright…

Todd McClay (unknown) tweeted :

#BledisloeCup It was a great game of rugby, with both teams improving for the World Cup... what’s with the booing when the cup was presented

RT @MatthewHootonNZ: I think it’s great that NZ is leading the world and punching above its weight in having two opposite foreign policies at the same time.…

Todd McClay (unknown) retweeted @HDPA :

RT @HDPA: RT @HDPA: Why Kelvin Davis need to give himself an uppercut. #theyarecomingforyou…