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I'm currently moving a motion in the House of Reps as our dairy industry is in crisis. Do you want to be importing powdered milk? I don't. Our dairy farmers are leaving the land in droves. The Govt could re-regulate or set a minimum price tomorrow. Why won't they?!!

RT @joshgnosis: RT @joshgnosis: Twitter is so divided on whether Katter's handwriting is beautiful or illegible. It's better than mine...

RT @joshgnosis: RT @joshgnosis: A wild @RealBobKatter appears to support Culleton.

RT @greenmitty: This is a on a flight from Nth Qld to Bris today for work. What kind of social distancing is this? Pls RT. #covid19australia @Qantas @AnnastaciaMP @MadFckingWitch @vanOnselenP @abcnews @ScottMorrisonMP

RT @Grousetilidie: @GChristensenMP @RealBobKatter wow! That's ground breaking. So to sum up: you're going to do what you should've done years ago?

RT @bankcustomers: RT @bankcustomers: @GChristensenMP @RealBobKatter The best news Australians could ask for !

RT @DamTom79: RT @DamTom79: Tuesday's Townsville Bulletin front page. Huge win for #FairGo4Us @tsv_bulletin @FairGo4Us

RT @ABCnorthqld: On air from 4pm today, late additions to @triplej #OneNightStand in Mount Isa - maybe even @RealBobKatter performing on stage!…

Press conference with @DamettoMP in the Senate courtyard at 12.15 today. Post DPM meeting and to update on their ‘apparent reneging’ on the One Mike Creek dredging promise made by LNP candidate at the last election.

RT @lauchlanfoley: RT @lauchlanfoley: @RealBobKatter what style #Akubra do you have?