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RT @calvinrobinson: When SAGE said, "we have plenty of reason to think this could be the worst variant yet". Did we ever hear any of those reasons? Did SAGE apologise for getting it wrong *again*? Did Sky publish a correction? Did Twitter find this tweet misleading?

RT @BoozeAndFagz: Thank you so much to everyone who tried to stop my book being published. Thanks to you, it's done loads better than it would have otherwise, even at a whopping £25 - and next spring, the paperback! Toda raba, as we say in Israel! 🍸😈🕸️

RT @GBNfans: RT @GBNfans: ◽◽ | Co-op has confirmed it will not enforce the new face mask rules

Peter Whittle (unknown) tweeted :

Ah, and do you remember the time we shat on the woman who gave us all careers because we wanted to appear properly woke ?

RT @PoliticsForAlI: RT @PoliticsForAlI: ◽ | NEW: The Welsh Government have introduced fines for people who go into work when they could work from home.

RT @roddreher: RT @roddreher: “Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome…”

RT @LoyalDefender2K: RT @LoyalDefender2K: Fascinating archive footage of Sir Winston Churchill’s funeral, arguably the greatest Briton of all time ◽◽ https://…

Peter Whittle (unknown) tweeted :

Up pops the anti-weather vane

RT @BBCPolitics: “It will be a legal requirement by government regulation to wear masks in shops and public transport” Health Secretary Sajid Javid tells #Marr those who don’t follow new rules on mask-wearing in England will face sanctions

RT @EarlyOakR: RT @EarlyOakR: I wasn't one of those 17.4 million back in 2016. But I bloody well am now.…