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RT @NewCultureForum: On today's #NCFNewspeak with @prwhittle & @KiszelyPhilip: Strikes, inflation, energy & cost of living crises, radical politics: Is Britain back in the 1970s? Should Churchill's statue be buried? Why are London's restaurants the world's loudest? WATCH:

RT @MaajidNawaz: Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida criticises Biden & tells him to do his job. Says Florida is a place for freedom not a "biomedical security state” People in public life are beginning to name the problem & declare a fight for our values against it About time

RT @GoodwinMJ: Coming to a school near you. "Race based grading" which "in an effort to equalise test scores among racial groups" orders teachers to ignore black students missing class, misbehaving or failing to turn in work. This is where radical progressivism leads.…

Peter Whittle (unknown) tweeted :

So republics have no pomp or pageantry ? Sweden, Norway, Denmark etc etc - all held to be admirably progressive and equality minded. And all of them monarchies. Oh, and humans are not governed by reason alone.

RT @Docstockk: A recent entrant to the Stonewall List of LGBTQ+ terms (not made up, I swear) "Allo. Allo people experience sexual and romantic attraction, and do not identify as on the ace or aro spectrum. Allo is to ace and aro spectrum identities, as straight is to LGB+ spectrum identities."

RT @BorisJohnson: Fantastic to attend the opening ceremony of @TfL’s new Elizabeth Line at Paddington station today, alongside Her Majesty The Queen. Long-term investment in UK infrastructure is crucial for growing the economy and providing better transport for generations to come.

RT @NewCultureForum: It's time to rally ourselves and fight back against the ceaseless attacks on British & Western culture. So argues @prwhittle in his concluding remarks at our spring conference (#NCFConf22)

RT @libsoftiktok: RT @libsoftiktok: “A lot of them [students] are queer because I am queer” - 4th grade teacher

RT @SpeechUnion: Joanna Cherry QC, poet Jenny Lindsay, professor of education policy Lindsay Paterson and Murdo Fraser MSP 'have given their support to the Free Speech Union Scotland, which will launch later this month.' Congratulations Free Speech Union Scotland! 👏👏👏…

RT @2tweetaboutit: "No, racism isn't a 'creation of white people' "..the trans-Atlantic trade in African slaves was fed by African rulers who passed on captives from neighbouring peoples." How can someone as unschooled as Ms Jolly get a job at the BL?"… via @spectator