All deleted tweets from politicians

Woman who misbehaves & rants on TV, Twitter, FB, YouTube! (Have had to be told to behave by one male star TV anchor, told I rant by another).

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RT @anothersadhorse: These are the men who fight for capital punishment. If you still don’t see hanging anyone won’t solve the root cause that is patriarchy.

RT @Firdaus_jmi: welcome and enjoy the sufferings of kashmir and in return you pay for the cocktails. Here is @avanirai for you who has organized an exhibition to showcase the sufferings of #Kashmir with some cocktails. #kashmirgagged @MirzaWaheed @Shehla_Rashid

RT @pbhushan1: Just watch this Video.A sick lawyer going to a hospital was badly thrashed by MP police in Betul. When he lodged complaint,officers asked him to withdraw& told him they beat him up as they thought he was a muslim!Dismiss these rogues! SC must take suo moto

RT @avanirai: 1. An FIR has been filed against a woman for holding a #FreeKashmir poster at the Mumbai protests. 2. A woman in Delhi, Komal Sharma, who was identified by the press as being part of the gang that attacked and brutally beat up JNU students has not been charged. Just ridiculous.

RT @avanirai: RT @avanirai: Sharam karo sir! Log mar rahe hain wahan. Kaun aapki tax free film dekhne ja raha hai UP mein.

RT @baba_banknifty: Is it correct method to control and determination of corona ... kaun hai ye admi. Seriously 😐 @PMOIndia @RailMinIndia @Nidhi @kunalkamra88 @jyotipunwani

RT @RahaTamal: - Arnab of @republic told they are provoking, I was provoked - @ianuragthakur told ‘Goli maro salo ko’ so I took the pistol - PM told to identify target from their cloths. I fixed the target - HM told horse dabao ta ki current Shaheenbagh me lage, maine daba dia I’m a #bhakt

RT @RahaTamal: @TheDeshBhakt @filmfare You should watch Satyajit Ray’s Hirak Raja r Deshe .. once more.. simple answer is.. Hirakraj if wants can do anything... sounds similar?😊yes Kuchh Bhi Mumkin hai... agar o chahe toh.. and he has many friends in film fraternity... oh selfie bhul gaya keya!