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Member of Parliament in the 41st Canadian Parliament for Surrey North

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RT @gongshowjeff: @always_vote @laurakmiller @christyclarkbc @bcndp No joke I said to a friend. Criminally charged Laura is going to say it was a plant.

RT @PrabhjotKahlon: RT @PrabhjotKahlon: So hard to share this family picture...heart is broken, shocked, shattered..

RT @KathyTGlobe: RT @KathyTGlobe: Meaty investigation into what this really cost and why. Kudos @NatalieClancy…

RT @DonDavies: There have recently been too many hateful incidents targeting people of Asian descent in communities across our country. Today marks the National Day of Action against anti-Asian hate. Let us resolve to stand up to racism and discrimination of all forms. #StandWithAsians

RT @nspector4: The rate of cases in Fraser Health is more than 8 times that on Vancouver Island, but the Horgan Government still isn't bringing in greater regional restrictions as QC and other Provinces have. Following the science, or the political science? #bcpoli #yyj

RT @VancouverSun: RT @VancouverSun: Postmedia's Kim Bolan honoured with World Press Freedom lifetime achievement award…

Jasbir Sandhu (unknown) tweeted :

Keep up the good work and congratulations, Kim.

RT @jasbirsandhu: RT @jasbirsandhu: Still no line up. I see a lot of young people coming in to get vaccinated.

RT @heatherfuture: Painting someone gives you a chance to reflect deeply on who they are. I can now confirm that @RachelNotley is a badass, and an incredible compassionate leader. #ImWithRachel #abpoli #abvote

RT @derekmclaughlin: RT @derekmclaughlin: So can it really be considered a 1.4 billion surplus when you are cutting 2 billion from a contingency fund to get it?