All deleted tweets from politicians

Sinn Féin Fermanagh Sth Tyrone MP, Community First Responder, Jimmy's wife, Emmet, Eunan & Aoise's Mummy, daughter, sister, auntie. Aghaloo & Tyrone GAA

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RT @LADFLEG: RT @LADFLEG: It's a beautiful thing that after 300 years King Billy can finally get married here.

RT @LADFLEG: RT @LADFLEG: @rodneyedwards @gildernewmp @impartialrep She should put that on her posters. "The MP the gerrymanders hate most".

RT @LADFLEG: Coming up next year at #DUP19 Arlene Foster says her party is "deeply sorry" for how it handled Northern Ireland's Brexit debacle.…

RT @LADFLEG: RT @LADFLEG: You're not allowed to read this till 00:01 tomorrow… Please do not read

RT @LADFLEG: RT @LADFLEG: Any NI MP who attempts to fuck with the law that outlaws fox hunting should volunteer to be chased through the streets by a bl…

RT @LADFLEG: RT @LADFLEG: Nothing like a wee sectarian election pact to try maintain the status quo @duponline @uuponline

RT @pteague_10: RT @pteague_10: All the best to @gildernewmp today in the elections #VotailSinnFein

RT @RD_HaIe: A kid threw a stone at me today (and missed) so I climbed into a fighter jet and blew up his entire street with an air-to-surface missile. I'm sure you will agree I acted in self-defence.

RT @MarianKeyes: Because of the many inequalities women face (eg not being taken seriously by doctors), their mental health is damaged. We need to LISTEN to what women tell us about how they feel. They know themselves better than anyone. We need to listen and BELIEVE them #womensmentalhealth…