All deleted tweets from politicians

Sinn Féin MP for the amazing people of Fermanagh Sth Tyrone. Wife, Mummy, daughter/sister/auntie. Republican/Feminist. Comm First Responder, Aghaloo Tyrone GAA.

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@LeonaONeill1 Get a jumper on ye! You’re making me coul’ just lurking at ye! #foundered

RT @GolferGirl305: Henrietta Lacks was an African American woman who is deemed immortal by the scientific community. Her cells cannot die and have been reproduced over 50 million metric tons by scientists. It's the HeLa cells used to create the polio vaccine, cancer and HIV meds among many others

RT @shakespeare_d: #findnoah Noah’s aunt Niamh asked friends to share Noah’s image far and wide in the hope to bring Noah home safely. If anyone knows anything no matter how insignificant it may seem please call 101.

RT @MarianKeyes: RT @MarianKeyes: Himself is below with his forehead in the fireplace... #WhenInRome #AshWednesday #DoMineLikeAShamrockFather #OrAStar #Wait…

RT @PJkelly66: As a young lad I was in this crowd. The memories of that time will never leave me. The bravery of those men will never leave me and my disdain for those who looked the other way will never leave me. The status quo is not an option

RT @jemma_dolan: RT @jemma_dolan: C'mon gimme a vote, please?! ◽

If you want me to ask her I will, but it’s your decision. She’d be a long way better than that pair?

I read about #HenriettaLacks over the weekend. I hadn’t heard her name before this, but what an extraordinary story. I’d love to see her getting recognition as a medical miracle, and for her family to be compensated for the contribution her cells have made to the world.