All deleted tweets from politicians

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RT @eatstatic70: @georgegalloway @talkRADIO The song a "bridge over troubled water" comes to mind, who will build it now? Maybe he will get his lego bricks out, great show George

RT @luckyleprehaun1: Rebecca Long-Bailey says she would make it illegal for women's refuges to exclude trans women. This is not what Women's Refuges are about. They are for the safety of the woman and her family.…

RT @MbeWatson: Last year on the @georgegalloway and @GayatriGalloway show What a great experience and interview With @KevinMitchell6 @BrendanLeeds and Lenny Ballack #WaybackWednesday

RT @MbeWatson: Well done @KevinMitchell6 - the team are lovely down there aren't they. Happy new year too to you, your family, @georgegalloway , @GayatriGalloway , @Shen2308 and James 😀💜🥊…

RT @MbeWatson: I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did when you came to support me @georgegalloway and @GayatriGalloway and James and all the team are lovely people Can't wait to see it on @RT_sputnik #takemebacktuesday #kevinmitchell @KevinMitchell6 😀💜🥊…

RT @MbeWatson: Thinking of my great friend @KevinMitchell6 and all his family today - a year on from his brother Vinny passing away 💜🥊 RIP Vincent 💔 #staystrong

RT @MbeWatson: Me and my team - Lenny, @KevinMitchell6 and @BrendanLeeds meeting the lovely @georgegalloway for my recent TV interview 😀💜🥊

RT @MbeWatson: Catch my interview tonight at 7:30pm on sky channel 511 Massive thanks to @georgegalloway his lovely wife @GayatriGalloway @Shen2308 and @BrendanLeeds for setting it up And @KevinMitchell6 for his continued support inc’ coming to the studios with me 😀🥊 @RT_sputnik @RT_com

RT @MbeWatson: Don’t forget I’ll be on TV this Saturday with @georgegalloway and his lovely wife on @RT_sputnik @RT_com @RTUKnews Channel 511 on Sky Thanks to @KevinMitchell6 for coming down to the studio and to @Shen2308 for setting it up 😀🥊 #theforce

RT @MbeWatson: Good lunch with my boys and amazing to talk to @georgegalloway and @GayatriGalloway on the phone 📱 Happy days at @NonnasKitchen1 🍝😀🥊