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RT @thestevennabil: RT @thestevennabil: Why would they be attacking an ambulance carrying wounded protesters? #Baghdad #Iraq

RT @thestevennabil: Who would have thought this day would come in #Baghdad? Iraqis answered yesterday the Iranian supreme leaders insults to them by calling their protests riots. #Iraq

RT @thestevennabil: Breaking: it looks like some of the special Iraqi army units tasked with protecting the U.S embassy joined in the Militia mob in trying to smash and break in the glass barriers. This is a major catastrophic image and an indicator of how things are in #Baghdad #Iraq

RT @thestevennabil: #Breaking: Nasriyah, Armed PMF and Militia members tried to carry a symbolic coffin and march through Habobi square(heart of the protest) protesters refused,Militia members opened fire on them and several protesters were injured.Nasriyah has paid a heavy price for asking 4freedom

RT @thestevennabil: Children of the slain Iraqi journalist Ahmad Abdul Samad(assassinated during his coverage of the protest in #Basra) #Iraq

RT @thestevennabil: RT @thestevennabil: Main roads in several Iraqi cities have been blocked by protesters tonight, this is from Al Shamiya…

RT @Dani_26_Cuevas: @ArielKanievsky @dfarcas Cada vez que veo algo de Gaza, veo a menores de edad que son los que provocan mayor impacto, supuestamente defendiendose de soldados Israelies. Todos sabemos que son los cobardes de Hamas los que los mandan al frente a inmolarse para su propio beneficio

RT @CitasAgudas: RT @CitasAgudas: Miguel Bosé dedica galardón Premios Tu Mundo a Venezuela: "Que se recupere la libertad, estabilidad y la democracia" https…

RT @JasonHirschhorn: RT @JasonHirschhorn: Each day 5,000 people flee Venezuela. Those forced to walk face perilous conditions…

RT @davylyonsauthor: @Peston @jeremycorbyn Of course the Iranian state propaganda station Press TV is the model he wants everyone to follow. Because that’s totally transparent and not biased at all. He’s such a kind and generous Dear Leader. Can’t wait to hear about the next Five Year Plan 👍