All deleted tweets from politicians

Franco-Ontarian, Father, Gamer, Geek, Nerd, Lego, Everything Transit. Former Member of Parliament - Scarborough Southwest and Board of Director @Variety_Ontario

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@blackwidowirl I just realized, I was remiss in not sharing my #Lego shelves.

RT @iancapstick: I worry that as the largest corporations go remote-first or remote-only they will become like big shipping companies and headquarter their firms where tax laws are lax and allow flags of convenience.

RT @RottenInDenmark: "On Friday, the Seattle Times stated that 'SPD is Our Ally in Fighting Sex Trafficking.' As a survivor of child sex trafficking, I know that is not true. As a formerly homeless teenager who was beaten by a police officer, I know that is not true."…

RT @charlieclarkyxe: Today I join with Mayors across 🇨🇦 speaking out against the undermining of the City of Toronto in the midst of a civic election. Cities or Provinces won’t succeed addressing key challenges the country is facing if derailed by unilateral attacks like this. #CDNMuni…

RT @_SecondThought: This week’s video is about the promising rise of popular Left media, including @haymarketbooks @jacobinmag @curaffairs @VersoBooks @TonightWeRiot, and plenty of your favorite YouTube channels and movies! Check it out:

@NatStechyson It's still Covid that's the cause, just not the contracting it part (and hope it stays that way)

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RT @shaunking: 1. Our Congress is literally on extended vacation. 2. The Canadian Parliament is not only still working, they worked all day today, a Saturday. 3. And passed a bill giving companies 75% of worker’s pay so nobody loses their jobs.…

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RT @shaunking: Spent the past few hours studying the social media of Robert Bowers - the Pittsburgh shooter. Guess what he believed & was actively angry about? Trump's lie that dangerous men from the Middle East were marching in as a part of the caravan in Mexico & that Jews were funding it.

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RT @ShaunKing: Man on the left just became the highest paid player in NFL history. Man on the right is basically banned from the NFL. It’s gross. The injustice of what the NFL has done to Colin Kaepernick is despicable. Jimmy Garoppolo has started 7 games in 4 years. Here’s what he did.