All deleted tweets from politicians

@NZGreens MP in AK Central. Another bloody millennial on the social medias. “Hopelessly woke” - Hosking #AuthorisedBy Chlöe Swarbrick, Parliament Buildings, WLG

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RT @Unlazy_Susan: I shared emergent results from my @MarsdenFund @otago research in The Spinoff today. I think they help us ask some questions that are especially important in election year... Is charity, like @_chloeswarbrick, evidence of a failed state? Do we want to be generous or fair?

RT @_PatrickThomsen: "Soul has nothing to do with avoiding risks and everything to do with pushing the edge. If no political party pushes the edge for radical change, the spotlight goes on to personalities and social media slogans rather than on ideas and values." LOVE THIS!…

In another life I am a high school English teacher.

RT @anth_ny_: wanna fix live music in NZ @AKLcityofmusic? later and more regular bus and train options = better and more viable options for artist, venues and promoters. not everyone can afford uber, and pretty hard to maintain grassroots scene where rents are at premium @_chloeswarbrick

@_monica_lim Pure infamy.

RT @ARutherford13: Totally get this! I was accused recently of getting pregnant again to get more votes. Trust me on this one, I’ve had a ridiculous amount of trolls as a result of having Max, I doubt kids are a vote winner for a young woman in politics.…

RT @Mellay_: Quickfire round: fave song atm @emmamellow: Taylor Swift album @_chloeswarbrick: WAP Helen: ... WHAM The variety, lol!

RT @mohamedwashere: Seriously, please don't share it. He's feeding off the attention and publicity. The media is already giving him platforms he can continue to play victim and spew his bullshit. They're also promoting his work to a new audience.

RT @A_G_Hawkins: The STV system delivers candidates with a majority mandate from voters in single winner races (the mayoralty). In multi winner races (our council election), it supports the election of more diverse candidates when those people stand.…