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RT @_MarkSteven: C/2020 F3 (NEOWISE) Rising Over The Adriatic Sea. The Adriatic Sea is the body of water between the Italian Peninsula & the Balkans. #spacehour Credit: APOD/Paulo Girotti

RT @ssmairs: RT @ssmairs: .@Pontifex to lead a mass in #Skopje’s main square

RT @ministerBlok: Good to be in Macedonia marking 25 years of diplomatic relations & friendship. Met with PM @Zoran_Zaev, Vice PM @Bujar_O & my colleague @Dimitrov_Nikola. Discussed Rule of Law & Reforms & upcoming referendum. Also in that context the EU & NATO and further cooperation with 🇲🇰

RT @JulietteGarside: RT @JulietteGarside: EU Finance ministers have agreed to ask the Commission to establish an anti-money laundering agency.…

RT @GBirkleUSAID: Today I met with the director of @SlovakAid, Lucia Kiss. We discussed our joint project to support #NorthMacedonia's reform efforts and ways we can collaborate together in the #Balkans.

Toni Pavloski (unknown) replied to @abajkov :

@abajkov Меркатор. Кој лет е подолг, Виена-Токио или Виена-Кејптаун?

RT @Lazar_PI: RT @Lazar_PI: Наместо политички амбасадори, да испраќаме кариерни дипломати…

RT @SciencesMag: RT @SciencesMag: Petit jeu de camouflage : Voyez-vous le serpent ?