All deleted tweets from politicians

National Party MP for Pakuranga, Spokesperson for Police, Corrections, Serious Fraud Office. Authorised by Simeon Brown, 120 Pakuranga Road, Auckland

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Simeon Brown (unknown) tweeted :

Denmark: Reaches vaccination target and removes vaccination passport restrictions. NZ: Reach a high vaccination target and we will then introduce a vaccine passport system. No incentive. Just more restrictions from a Govt with no coherent plan.

RT @harrypeterson_: RT @harrypeterson_: What the fuck happened to the rights and freedoms enshrined to New Zealand citizens in the New Zealand Bill of Rights A…

RT @PronouncedHare: RT @PronouncedHare: 85,000 procedures cancelled is pretty sobering.

Simeon Brown (unknown) tweeted :

Excellent announcement driven by the @JudithCollinsMP and @NicolaWillisMP aimed at ensuring all New Zealanders have the opportunity to buy their own home.

RT @PronouncedHare: Went to a level 2 funeral yesterday. It was very strained as a result of the restrictions. If the cops are still unwilling to prosecute organised crime when it flouts the law then it’s pretty easy to see why elimination failed.

RT @PronouncedHare: When Labour Bros tell you that of course the government couldn’t have expanded ICU capacity because it takes five years to train a nurse to staff an ICU bed.

RT @MoniquePoirier_: “Every day we see in this court methamphetamine charges and there is one entity which dominates over anyone else as being behind the methamphetamine trade in Hawke’s Bay, and that’s the Mongrel Mob,” the judge said.…

RT @PronouncedHare: This is going to sound like splitting hairs but it’s an important point. We do not want to enjoy new freedoms. We can look forward to our *old* freedoms being restored after their temporary surrender to the Crown.

RT @Omahuson: RT @Omahuson: @NewshubPolitics Polls also indicated that New Zealanders favoured the legalisation of cannabis. How'd that work out in the…

RT @mjdineen: Ok @JudithCollinsMP so I may be one of the two Crowne Plaza unknowns. I work next door. Sent an email to the COVID response people at 5.13 today and was told I was out of hours and they would reply within 5 days. So much for good citizenry.