All deleted tweets from politicians

𝐌𝐏 π‘π¨π³πšπ’π§πš π€ππšπ¦ 🎈


Member of Parliament of Maldives. Chair of Independent Institutions Committee. Exec board member of @PGAction & @WPLeadersOrg ambassador of Maldives

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RT @VoteAkram: RT @VoteAkram: ή‡ή¬ή‰ή°ή‘ή©ή•ή© ή‰ή§ήή¬ήή¨ή“ή©ήŽή¬ ރައީސްކަމަށް @Akramkdeen އަށް ήˆή―ή“ήͺή‹ή¬ή‡ή°ήˆή§ 01 βœ…

RT @shakirarchive: #NEW | Shakira, Gerard PiquΓ© are spending their holiday in Waldorf Astoria Ithaafushi in Kaafu atoll, Maldives. According to local media outlets, couple and their kids arrived in the Maldives at 10:00 pm on Tuesday via a private jet.

RT @HindhaIsmail: This is too much. I have never seen or heard of Shameem trying to do any such thing or harm my child. If I believed it I would not have waited for some asshole to go on television years later. I hope necessary action is taken against this man for spreading these disgusting lies.