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Katter's Australian Party ( Federal Leader & Member for Kennedy (

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RT @YYarni: RT @YYarni: @RealBobKatter @YouTube very emotional speech Bob, i can see why your community voted for you

RT @VoterQld: RT @VoterQld: When Bob Katter says isolate the north and the wildlife listen.

RT @CiaraEJones: RT @CiaraEJones: @RealBobKatter is a rum and milk man. Happy Friday

RT @ABC_NewsRadio: 'We will declare World War 3!': @RealBobKatter will fight proposed $2.2b Singapore training base in Townsville

Credit to ReMemories2049 on YouTube for this masterpiece. @GeorgeLucasILM and @Disney Iā€™m here all week. Try the Bingil Bay Beef šŸ‚ šŸ‘ŠšŸŽ¤

I'm currently moving a motion in the House of Reps as our dairy industry is in crisis. Do you want to be importing powdered milk? I don't. Our dairy farmers are leaving the land in droves. The Govt could re-regulate or set a minimum price tomorrow. Why won't they?!!

RT @joshgnosis: RT @joshgnosis: Twitter is so divided on whether Katter's handwriting is beautiful or illegible. It's better than mine...

RT @joshgnosis: RT @joshgnosis: A wild @RealBobKatter appears to support Culleton.

RT @greenmitty: This is a on a flight from Nth Qld to Bris today for work. What kind of social distancing is this? Pls RT. #covid19australia @Qantas @AnnastaciaMP @MadFckingWitch @vanOnselenP @abcnews @ScottMorrisonMP

RT @Grousetilidie: @GChristensenMP @RealBobKatter wow! That's ground breaking. So to sum up: you're going to do what you should've done years ago?