All deleted tweets from politicians

Minister of Health. last portfolio Minister at the Office of the President. Former Foreign Minister of Maldives. A member of MDP

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RT @MeeThakuru: Rajje ehves dhinaalakun vaccine eh nulibigen ulhey iru vakibaehge vaccine nugannaa namey ministeraku bunanjeheynee ehaa foarun therikan huregen. Mee raajje gengulhey vakifarakah nujehey siyaasathaaves dhekolhu vaahaka eh. @KerafaNaseem @presidencymv

RT @AmbassadorZhang: Met with @abdulla_shahid and inform the Maldives Gov. of China's decision to aid 100,000 doses of vaccines to the ppl of Maldives and arrangement is under discussion to ensure an early arrival. China is committed to making vaccines a global public good. @ibusolih @MohamedNasheed