All deleted tweets from politicians

Former Derby North MP and City Council Leader | Now focusing on building a grassroots, anti-imperialist working class movement

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I'll be talking to human activist @NatalieStrecke1 on RTV this Wednesday at 7pm. Natalie served as a human rights monitor in Hebron in 2014. She's currently fundraising for a theatre project to put the Israeli military on trial. Tune in to find out more.…

This brave member of the @HuntSabs was savagely attacked by badger baiters when he disturbed them digging out a known badger sett. These scumbags nearly killed this sab. BEWARE before opening this link, their are graphic images of his injuries.…

RT @UmaarKazmi: Lmao. I'm sorry that people were fooled by this fake 'progressive' when they should have been behind Bernie Sanders. I won't say that Tulsi Gabbard showed her true colours in the end, because she had already shown them plenty of times beforehand.

RT @UnityNewsIndie: RT @UnityNewsIndie: #Shell7 in court ! Please share and support them ◽ Via @RealMediaGB

RT @Pal_action: Breaking: Palestine Actionists double-occupy Israel's Elbit again; break inside the Oldham factory and occupy its Bristol HQ #ShutElbitDown

RT @Shamils18: @DerbyChrisW This is what they had to do in China. Not just isolation at home, Tests, tests, temperature checks everywhere, Temporary hospitals, hotels converted for Covid-19 patients. 75-80% cases are passed between family members. UK must do this asap.

RT @MrsC_Assange: MUST WATCH! "Julian is a publisher, a son, a friend, my fiancee & a father.. Our children need their father.. Julian needs his freedom.. Our democracy needs a free press" #SaveJulian #DefendPressFreedom #DontExtraditeAssange

RT @MrsC_Assange: Why do so many former soldiers campaign for my sons freedom? Because they are sick & tired of being sent to unjust wars... & seeing young soldiers fed into the lucrative war machine.. to be killed or return maimed, traumatized & abandoned.. #WeAreAllAssange #FreeAssangeNOW

RT @MrsC_Assange: 167 Political leaders/politicians/diplomats from: US UK Ireland Australia NZ Switzerland Germany France Belgium Greece Finnland Netherlands Spain Argentina Brazil Mexico Venezuala Chile Bolivia & more Back calls to UK Govt to STOP US EXTRADITION of journalist #JulianAssange