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Former Derby North MP and City Council Leader | Now focusing on building a grassroots, anti-imperialist working class movement

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RT @jrc1921: RT @jrc1921: The bloke that used yesterday's Q&A with Corbyn to present a nonsense narrative supports some interesting characters

RT @PhilipProudfoot: We joke about how "real enemy" is the Labour Party. But I'd honestly rather go to the pub with a Tory than a Blairite. Tories have a class position, and we disagree about human nature, capitalism, etc. But Blairites believe in nothing. They're politics-as-HR. They're your boss.

This case illustrates how utterly broken @UKLabour really is. Its treatment of members reprehensible.

My birthday message to Julian Assange that read was read outside Belmarsh Prison last week. #FreeJulianAssangeNow

RT @DerbyChrisW: 💥 BATTLE FOR BATLEY: Starmer's Road to Ruin 💥 Why are loyal Labour supporters leaving in droves? Full film out later today. 👀

RT @thekarami: Killing Soleimani: He’s the commander of an enemy country Killing Iranian scientists: They’re working on nuclear program of an enemy country Trying to starve 83 million people with sanctions: They live within borders of an enemy country - there’s nothing they won’t justify

RT @jmcevoy_2: Norman Finkelstein is a leading scholar on Palestine and the son of Holocaust survivors. He's commented on the attempt by Gary Spedding and others to have @TheMendozaWoman, one of the only women of colour newspaper editors in the UK, removed from Twitter:

RT @AmmarKazmi_: Thread: Eight Labour activists had their trial against the Labour Party in the High Court today, alleging that the disciplinary procedures to which they’ve been subjected are unfair and unlawful. I followed the trial and here are my notes: ↓

RT @redfishstream: On this day in history the Soweto Uprising took place, when more than 20,000 South African Black school children took to the streets of Soweto to protest. When police opened fire and killed hundreds, rioting escalated into a nationwide uprising against white apartheid rule.