All deleted tweets from politicians

Conservative Member of Parliament for Clwyd West / Aelod Seneddol dros Orllewin Clwyd

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@andijarvis @r8yp yes, ever faithful.

RT @Telegraph David Miliband's priority 'as Labour leader was cutting deficit', leaked speech reveals

@CherylGillanMP hope you wore red; I fouled up.

Strawberry tea chez Knightly

Times on Ed Miliband: "It seems inconceivable that his party could win a general election with him at the helm."

Knocked off for the day and an enjoyable day it was, too. Met some nice people I was pleased to see. And it doesn't come better than that.

@eilirjones I think it's fine although I'd probably use a commercial AV product if I was protecting really important data

Pleased to see Bruce Forsyth has been given a K. Which will be the first tabloid to splash: "Knight to See You"?

RT @TimMontgomerie: If only Brown had been "dynamic, agile and innovative" like today's Volvo cars... says Volvo UK ...

Beautifully sunny evening in North Wales. Off to fundraising hospice barbie.