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Hon Bob Rae: Lawyer-OKT, Mediator, Speaker, Writer. Proud Husband, Dad, and Grampa. Active on First Nations, Social Justice, Internat'l issues. Liberal. 

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RT @marieatryerson: Great book @BobRae48 ! I am enjoying it and learning from it. #RUDeanMarie

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RT @KateASzy: I love this. @BobRae48: My latest piece on what watching the @DavisCup might teach us about politics #…

RT @CatherineMorris: ‘Absolutely No Mercy’: Leaked Files Expose How China Organized Mass Detentions of Muslims: +400 pages of internal Chin…

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RT @AndrwWard: @BobRae48 Great writers always spot great writing! #Honourable

RT @CatherineMorris: We’ll see. I note Larry Jagan’s important caveat:”Myanmar’s recent history of military justice does not encourage many…

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Trump and Ford bring this song to mind, how else to explain birds and bats and whatever The Windmills of Your Mind - Noel Harrison via @YouTube

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Sounds outlandish but I have heard these thoughts as well: Israeli right wants end to peace with Jordan…

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Important to set the record straight. @brhodes is right !

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RT @CBCRadio3: Didn't get a chance to see the broadcast? You can watch Secret Path online now:

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RT @cselley: Oh right, that time Ontario’s NDP government dug in its heels on government-run sports gambling.…