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Bob Rae: Lawyer-OKT,Prof, Uof T: Mediator, Speaker, Writer. Special Envoy to Myanmar First Nations, Social Justice, Governance, Democracy, Conflict Res

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Bob Rae (unknown) retweeted @Morag_Paton :

RT @Morag_Paton: Powerful speech by @BobRae48 “every refugee is somebody... their displacement should not be confused with disempowerment” @uoftcpd #NARHCTO

Bob Rae (unknown) retweeted @newnham_dave :

RT @newnham_dave: RT @newnham_dave: Thank you @BobRae48 for your great support of @THCF1974 and #CampDay! We appreciate it - wear the bracelet proudly! http…

Bob Rae (unknown) retweeted @pdw82 :

RT @pdw82: @BobRae48 @KellyCanuckTO That’s true. 93% of cases with an outcome so far have resulted in recovery. But that other 7%...Those aren’t just numbers; they’re people.

Bob Rae (unknown) retweeted @DonRusnakMP :

RT @DonRusnakMP: RT @DonRusnakMP: It was wonderful to witness the launch of the #feathersofhope Justice and Juries Report! Thank…

Bob Rae (unknown) retweeted @AWGeer :

RT @AWGeer: RT @AWGeer: Canada, Netherlands join Gambia's genocide case against Myanmar @AJENews… #Rohingya

Bob Rae (unknown) retweeted @andylassner :

RT @andylassner: RT @andylassner: ❤️◽

Bob Rae (unknown) retweeted @FP_Champagne :

RT @FP_Champagne: The Government of Canada has received a copy of the Iranian Civil Aviation Organization's Ukrainian Airline’s Flight #PS752 voice/data recorder read-out report. You can find @TBSCanada’s statement here: Read my statement with @MarcGarneau:

RT @Jeff_Wheeldon: RT @Jeff_Wheeldon: @shannoninottawa @checkupcbc just finished What's Happened to Politics by @BobRae48 - good thoughts, still very relevant…

Bob Rae (unknown) retweeted @GlenPearson :

RT @GlenPearson: RT @GlenPearson: "For the World's Refugees, the Road Gets Narrower" #LdnOnt #refugees @natnewswatch #humanity https…

Bob Rae (unknown) retweeted @realityrule :

RT @realityrule: What about widespread testing. Especially for those of us who work in institutional settings. That has to be part of the plan.