All deleted tweets from politicians

Senior Advisor. Former Canadian Foreign Minister.

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RT @cwedmonds10: Great to catch up with my friend The Honorable John Baird @Baird @AIPAC. Thank you for your conservative & principled leadership. #ChooseToLead @roddieedmonds #RoddiesCode #ChooseRight #OpposeWrong #DefendLife #EsteemEveryone

RT @LondonWestPC: Don't miss a fun night of networking with the Hon. John @Baird on October 2nd. Still time to register here: #LdnOnt

RT @agalbraith: Harvard educated lawyer puts her name forward to run for office. This is what @TorontoStar is running in the paper on International Women’s Day. Shame on you. Cc @kathyenglish…

RT @agalbraith: Also this. We should all be INCREDIBLY uncomfortable with the idea that democratically elected govts should take a backseat to unelected civil servants or medical experts.

RT @zehavizynoberg: I've gotten to know @EricDuncanSDSG quite well over the last year. Give him a follow - he's smart, sharp as a whip, and an excellent voice in the @CPC_HQ.

RT @wordsfromZ: Very sad to hear this. Deepak was always one to brighten the mood, and ensure a country that was welcoming & celebrated everyone. May he RIP. A big loss to the Conservative movement.…

RT @wordsfromZ: Congrats to my friend @BenLevitt2018 on his decisive re-nomination victory! Can't wait for you to become #HWAD MPP in 44 days! #pcpo

RT @wordsfromZ: RT @wordsfromZ: Great energy at the campaign launch for #TorCen next MPP @Alexei_Simakov! #pcpo

RT @RepKinzinger: This is sad and I’m sorry this happened. Rep. Newmans daughter is transgender, and this video and tweet represents the hate and fame driven politics of self-promotion at all evil costs. This garbage must end, in order to #RestoreOurGOP