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RT @conwaywalsh: Those responsible for pyrite and mica should be held to account. Sinn Féin tabled an amendment on the Finance Bill to achieve this. Minister Donohue says its premature. I assured him that for families who’ve been watching their homes crumble for 10 years, this is long overdue.

This guy could have been deselected if the democracy reforms I was pushing had been passed at to 2018 @UKLabour conference. Nearly all Labour MPs are at least as bad as Barry Sheerman, and most are even worse. The sad fact is the Labour Party backs the neoliberal war machine.

RT @SocialistChris: There have been many thousands of people who have joined @UKLabour in the last few weeks. So what should they do next ....…

RT @CST_UK: CST welcomes the termination of the Palestine Declassified YouTube channel, broadcast by Iranian Press TV, produced by Professor David Miller, and presented by former MP Chris Williamson, in the wake of CST's complaint to @YouTube

RT @SinaToossi: Must-read piece on how US sanctions are hampering #Iran's ability to combat the #coronavirus, to the detriment of all humanity. It's gotten to the point where humanitarian orgs are quietly sending resources to Iran, so as to not trigger the White House:…

RT @MichaelH14: RT @MichaelH14: It’s smear Corbyn week alright It’s got to be orchestrated by that Prince of you know what

RT @EighthOfAMile_: The #ArmyOfKindness Kitchen open from 13.00 to 15.00 today. Opposite Rochdale Town Hall. With hot food, presents, fruit and veg, toileteries, groceries and sandwiches all at a social distance for families that need a little extra this Christmas. ❤

RT @tony4rochdale: These scenes at the funeral of Shireen were shocking in their disregard and disrespect.Her murder must be investigated, as Palestinians demand, by independent international bodies and not by the Israeli authorities. The truth must come out.

Just look at these evil Israeli military goons attacking mourners and pallbearers carrying the body Shireen Abu Akleh, who was was murdered by the Israeli military earlier this week. How much longer will the world tolerate the Zionist entity's brutality?

Conor Burns (unknown) tweeted :

I was pleased to meet @RepRichardNeal in Washington and have a candid discussion on how the UK and US can work together to meet the needs of all communities in Northern Ireland and see restored devolved Government.