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@hamasinpitta @UKLabour ...because the left never had control of the party, even when JC was leader. The PLP, bureaucracy and NEC treated members with contempt. My attempt to democratise the was anathema to them.

RT @BenjaminNorton: Chris Williamson was kicked out of Labour in a right-wing witch hunt to destroy Corbynism and purge anti-imperialists. Absurd smears like this are why fake "leftists" like Owen Jones get columns at The Guardian of Blairism. They're cowardly opportunists who always toe the line.

It's two years ago today that I launched the democracy roadshow which, according to one 'centrist' MP, gave the Parliamentary Labour Party "a collective nervous breakdown." How ironic that @OwenJones84 chose this day to continue his ad hominem attacks.

Tony Lloyd MP (unknown) tweeted :

Today marks 25 years since the genocide in Srebrenica, where over 8,000 Bosnian Muslim men and boys were murdered because of their identity. We remember the innocent lives taken and join @SrebrenicaUK to commemorate these atrocities and pledge that Never Again means Never Again.

RT @declassifiedUK: WATCH @pmillerinfo outline the extent of UK complicity in the Yemen war, and his four recent investigations for @declassifiedUK The week the UK chose to re-arm Saudi Arabia

RT @YasminQureshiMP: Five decades on from the first warnings about a hormone-based pregnancy drug that inflicted suffering and misery on women and their children, the Cumberlege review shows an apology is long overdue for #primodos families. (3/3 My article in @politicshome…

Tony Lloyd MP (unknown) tweeted :

Retail staff play an essential role in getting the country through the Covid-19 crisis, and as shoppers have clambered for goods in recent months, these concerns are all the more pertinent. Urgent Action is needed to better protect our key workers and take retail crime seriously.

Check out this tour de force by @TheMendozaWoman "It's not about red v blue. It's facist v. anti-racist, rascist v. anti-fascist, socialist v. capitalist." #BlackLivesMatter

Tony Lloyd MP (unknown) tweeted :

On this day in 1928, the passing of the Equal Franchise Act granted equal voting rights to both men and women from the age of 21. Thank you to everyone who fought for this landmark change.