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Five years ago today I had the incredible privilege of being asked to stand in for Jeremy Corbyn to close the Latin America.

If you're appalled by the attacks on grassroots activists, and the abject lack of solidarity from MPs masquerading as "socialists", help us fight back by donating to our legal fund. We're taking legal against @UKLabour to obtain justice for members.👇

RT @aoifegracemoore: RT @aoifegracemoore: Irish print journalism absolutely rinsed by Annie there. She’s not wrong. #LateLateToyShow

The education secretary, Gavin Williamson, says he'll cut funding to universities unless they adopt the discredited IHRA 'working definition of antisemitism.' On next week's Resistance TV, we'll be discussing this latest threat to free speech with @Jackiew80333500 and @pappe54.

RT @wallacemick: On 'Fundamental Rights Report' vote today in #EuropeanParliament over two thirds objected to the inclusion of - "detention + criminal prosecution of Julian Assange sets a dangerous precedent for journalists"- Failure to protect Human Rights of #Assange brings #EU into disrepute..

RT @frankieboyle: If you’re a political journalist who has regular contact with people in power, and your analysis is always aligned with prevailing orthodoxy, then you’re not really a journalist, you’re a courtier.

RT @johnpilger: The horrific picture in my previous tweet is from one of Barak Obama's seven wars. As president-elect in 2008, Obama remained silent on Israel's criminal attack on Gaza. Obama now uses the Guardian's Zionist apologist, Jonathan Freedland, to plug his self-serving book. Symmetry.

A bloodsports enthusiast speaks: "Get of this land you horrible common filthy scum." See attached video. Solidarity with the @HuntSabs…

RT @LauraCatriona: In 2017, Ian Austin “doxxed” me, publishing my phone number on Twitter. In 2018, when me & Jeremy were walking to a @FreefromTorture event, he shouted in Jeremy’s face, physically squaring up to him and spewing verbal abuse at him. Spare me the falsehoods about his greatness.

RT @christymoore45: I recorded a song in Croke Park for this project - A joint initiative from @AbbeyTheatre & The GAA, A fitting tribute to the 14 lives lost in Croke Park on Nov 20th 1920. Streaming tomorrow Fri. 20/11 @ 7 pm… Christy