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A victim of torture by the US, whose case was exposed by @wikileaks, is prevented from evidence in the show trial of Julian Assange. #FreeJulianAssange

RT @UCIT_Ltd: On the road again today meeting with longstanding UCIT client Kinawley Community Centre, an essential community facility in rural Fermanagh

RT @UCIT_Ltd: Wonderful before & after photos of the Old Courthouse in Kesh. We were delighted to assist the community with the funding package for their new purpose built facility which will provide vital community outreach services, in addition to a cafe and tourism initiatives #fermanagh

RT @UmaarKazmi: Hello Mr Maduro. I am little girl from London. My name is Laura May and I am 6. The evil Boris Johnson is making us STARVE under his EVIL capitalist regime. Please invade and/or bomb our country so we can have FOOD again. Yours truly, Little Girl

RT @UmaarKazmi: RT @UmaarKazmi: Zionism is an anti-Palestinian racist political ideology that denies Palestinians their right to self-determination.

RT @TamaraINassar: The aircraft carrying Netanyahu and his delegation to Washington is named after Petah Tikva, a city in northern Israel that was built over the ruins of the Palestinian village of Fajja which was completely obliterated by the Haganah, the precursor to the Israeli army in 1948.

RT @AmmarKazmi_: Labour members: 'Bring refugees to safety! Where is the compassion? Why aren't we helping?' Labour frontbench: 'Keep refugees away more efficiently! Where is the government's gunship plan? Where are the destroyers? Why is this taking so long?'

RT @DGNHurlingclub: Reminder The senior County final will be live on Tyrone GAA Facebook page tomorrow from 4.50pm. Professional filming and expert commentary from Paddy Hunter and Eunan Lyndsey…

RT @Conalhamill0608: Having recently met An t-uachtarán Michael D Higgins I would like, as an Irish citizen in the north of Ireland, to have a vote in future presidential elections. The bill was reintroduced in July 2020. Keep pressurising. @MaryLouMcDonald @moneillsf @gildernewm @GildernewColm