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Veiko Spolitis (Unity) tweeted :

#Habarovsk protests & it's century old European roots :)…

RT @PaulaChertok: 🔥@NicolleDWallace has the outrage & urgency every American should have about what Trump, Barr & the entire complicit GOP machine has done to wholesale erase Mueller's Russia investigation. Like Lady Macbeth washing off the stain of illegitimacy? Or preparing for more of same??

RT @IlvesToomas: RT @IlvesToomas: Russia is a terrorist state and it is time for Europe to recognize this.… via @financialtimes

RT @VeikoSpolitis: It is so damn sad when perpetrators of crimes against humanity stay unpunished because few among the "international community" want to punish those criminals at the highest level ...… via @BBC #Srebrenica25…

Veiko Spolitis (Unity) retweeted @mhmck :

RT @mhmck: RT @mhmck: Putin will not leave power peacefully and neither will Trump. That is the nature of illegitimate authoritarian regimes.

RT @OrlaGuerin: #OrhanPamuk #HagiaSophia "Turks proud to be a secular Muslim nation. Converting Hagia Sophia to a mosque will take away that pride. Millions of secular Turks like me are crying ...but their voices are not heard because we don't have enough free speech and democracy" he tells me

@kasparszellis Cerams baltās rases pārņemtie ◽◽ idiņi Tevī ieklausīsies?

RT @KvanOosterom: Just informed the UN Security Council, under SC resolution 2166, that the Netherlands brings MH17 case against Russia before European Court of Human Rights. Letter here, as well as press release from my government.

RT @latiniano: 11 июля 1940 в знак протеста против пассивной позиции при оккупации СССР Бессарабии, С.Буковины и уезда Херца, Румыния выходит из Лиги Наций умиротворение Лигой советского агрессора предопределило вступление Румынии в состав "оси" для освобождения восточных уездов Королевства..

RT @washingtonpost: RT @washingtonpost: Perspective: Twelve signs Trump would try to run a fascist dictatorship in a second term