All deleted tweets from politicians

Leader of The Brexit Party in the Welsh Assembly, AM for South Wales East, as well as a lawyer, economist, husband and father.

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RT @Neil42482311: @EvanAitken1 @ichy_vagenda @MarkReckless @yLlywydd Crazy! What your arguing for is an open Wales, with significant numbers of unvetted, uncontrolled, non-UK citizens who, by temporarily living here, will be given the right to vote for the legislators of a Parliament, that these voting foreign nationals are not citizens of?

RT @DouglasCarswell: RT @DouglasCarswell: Correction. I was able to find five MPs prepared to put their name to a Bill to get us out of the EU.…

RT @DouglasCarswell: What a decade. Ten years ago the Conservatives were in opposition & the handful of MPs who advocated leaving the EU sat on the backbench. The establishment media treated Eurosceptics as mavericks. Now? We leave in 31 days. Turns out we Leavers spoke for the country

RT @JamesCranworth: @joswinson You are a loon Jo Swinson. A dangerous loon. Stopping Brexit is not an alternative to nationalism and populism, it is an alternative to democracy. What the hell is wrong with you people?

RT @simplysimontfa: RT @simplysimontfa: @matthew_elliott @SarahBSmithVA Wonderful news! Many congratulations to both of you.◽

RT @election_data: Twitter is doing a really excellent job of dividing people into camps again, I see. What if it's not a coup, but it's a concern? What if it raises constitutional issues but isn't fascism? What if, well, what if it's not something that bothers people that much?

RT @election_data: RT @election_data: The combined vote share of Labour and the Conservatives since January 2018 (below):

RT @AndrewRTDavies: Ah the good old European Union, even in a moment of crisis, you can always rely on the them to stick their oar in can’t you? Let’s politely tell them to mind their own business and crack on supporting British firms and workers.