All deleted tweets from politicians

MP for Surrey Heath. Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster @CabinetOfficeUK

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RT @PeatWorrier: As to the inevitable critics quoted in the story, I'm really not sure what precisely they want the Scottish Government to do when they're served with judicial review proceedings. Dumbly concede cases? Fail to defend legislation passed by majorities in the Scottish Parliament?

RT @cliff_buckley: @michaelgove I am a civil servant nearer to the bottom than the top and I thought your speech was really interesting and definitely resonated with me. I am nearly 60 but would jump at the chance of meaningful reskilling if the chance arose.

RT @oneandonlymr0: RT @oneandonlymr0: @SebastianEPayne @PHE_uk What about moderna. That's what I got

RT @DAChmielewski: "I have a good cause, and a gracious God on my side... I go from a corruptible to an incorruptible crown; where no disturbance can be, no disturbance in the world"- King Charles I, speech before the execution.

RT @johndavidblake: Well, this sounds very exciting—strongly chimes with the recommendations from my @Policy_Exchange report on "coherent curriculum programmes". Read it here:……

RT @johndavidblake: This, by ⁦@Ed_Dorrell⁩, is one of the most remarkable things I’ve read all year: what a school and what an achievement.…

RT @cliodiaspora: Given I consistently make the point about accountability and being better etc, I have deleted my previous tweet about this and make this statement as public as the original. I have now read the speech transcript several times and this description here is, in my view, inaccurate.…

RT @owenjbennett: Yesterday, Angela Smith said the letter signed by numerous Labour MPs attacking the ousting of Maduro in Venezuela was a "disgrace". Today, Corbyn won't take an intervention from her.

RT @BradenDavy: Want to stop the SNP in Angus North and Mearns? Only one thing to do. #SP21 Donate and sign up today ⤵️