All deleted tweets from politicians

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Emma Dent Coad (UKMPs) retweeted @DJISLA :

RT @DJISLA: Watch the rest of the corruption on my story! @RBKC @cllrKTS We will be back until the dangerous @KingspanIns_UK materials are removed from our school! You know our community will continue to call you out on your CORRUPTION! #Grenfell #TheyNeverLearntAnything #KeepOurKidsSafe 💚

RT @PeteApps: Report from today at the Grenfell Tower Inquiry from @luciemheath: The London Fire Brigade did provide training on advising trapped residents in the way it had promised to after Lakanal amid budgetary constraints and IT problems…

Emma Dent Coad (UKMPs) tweeted :

Blimey just how many people have been suspended? Anyone?

Emma Dent Coad (UKMPs) tweeted :

This poor woman had a cancer op then home to leaks, damp and black mould. Hello @Keir_Starmer This is one of yours! No response from your office! Hello @SohoHousing this is one of yours! Shameful! Please read and RT the thread below. @LabourSJ @SteveReedMP @PeteApps

Emma Dent Coad (UKMPs) tweeted :

Solidarity. Would be nice! @Keir_Starmer

RT @BarryGardiner: The end of a long day’s campaigning for my Bill to #StopFireandRehire The Tories may have stopped my Bill, but they haven’t stopped the campaign.

RT @ldnlsehldr: Once again @LQHomesMatter making me pay their legal fees again to extend subletting that I've been forced in to. £2k last time, £2k this time. I'm having to borrow the money as I'm already bled dry and remediation on my building hasn't even started!

RT @WinstonCProject: Govt think they are entitled to your freedoms. Spend tax-payers money as they like. Break rules, expecting you to abide them. Say Hancock has resigned but has only been demoted. Fail catastrophically, paint it out to be a success. Lie, cheat, & speak fluent hypocrisy continually.

RT @clareslaney: @cllrKTS @THINK_NorthKen @emmadentcoad @RBKC @mhclg THE priority has to be existing tenants. This isn't NIMBYism, this is trying to ensure that housing units are safe, welcoming homes, that all RBKC tenants, including ones that don't yet exist, are treated as ppl worthy of respect not 'targets' or 'rebel residents.'

RT @clareslaney: @cllrKTS @THINK_NorthKen @emmadentcoad @RBKC @mhclg "You don’t need money to speak to people properly on the phone." "Contrast the speed at which housing associations and councils contact the tenant when their rent is a day late...the same people living in damp, mouldy, homes in disrepair."