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Husband father Jew. Lab & Coop MP Leeds NW Chair #socent #basketball #Westpapua #videogames APPGs & SERA MPs. Open Labour DJ 0113 898 0969

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RT @steamedhamms: RT @steamedhamms: We need an independent complaints process and we need it immediately.

RT @steamedhamms: RT @steamedhamms: the hustings is tomorrow! and will be streaming on @OpenLabour’s Twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc etc etc! exciting!

RT @steamedhamms: RT @steamedhamms: FDR famously pioneered Dominos 1 Medium Pizza + 1 Side + 1 Dessert for £19.99 deal

RT @steamedhamms: RT @steamedhamms: there’s one international law for them and another for everyone else

RT @summeroflove85: @alexsobel making a compelling speech about the 'environmental & public health crisis' caused by political neglect. He condemns 'this government's craven disregard for the North of England'. #Leeds

RT @summeroflove85: Lovely to see @RachelMuers for coffee-stuff, life-stuff, job-stuff & theology-stuff. Life has been a bit difficult lately but it is always good to know I'm supported & cared about. Also enjoyed the surprise visit from @alexsobel #Headingley ❤️💚💛

13.1.22 The most momentous #PMQs of the century Set your alarm for 12:00

Alex Sobel (UKMPs) retweeted @anasdayehh :

RT @anasdayehh: RT @anasdayehh: Jacinda, Gordon and Nandy? Labour connected wants to kill me ◽◽

RT @Mendelpol: Any other Prime Minister would be following an apology over #ChristmasParty-gate, with a resignation. Boris will be following it with the reintroducing some restrictions. Layer upon layer of lies

RT @Mendelpol: There are no spaces at walk in vaccine places I’ve tried.. long queues, person at back sitting on the ground, steward says she’s been there since 9.30. Great job encouraging everyone to get a jab, shame about the *lack of jabs / people to provide them*. If you can volunteer, do..