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Welsh Labour MP for #Gower. Mum. Teacher. Linguist. Ex Women’s Rugby Player. Email:

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RT @huwbbc: I would always defend the right of my MP to vote according to her conscience even if I strongly disagreed with her. That’s what representative parliamentary democracy is all about. #brexitbill #BrexitDeal

RT @huwbbc: Here’s to a great @BBCSchoolReport day and good luck to all taking part including @BryngwynMFL #BBCSchoolReport #GoodLuck 👍

RT @huwbbc: And for Middlesbrough can read Llanelli. State educated. Non-Oxbridge. And proudly 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿. Try accessing @BBC in 1984 with that set. You make very valid points about #Diversity @stephbreakfast and they’re worth saying loudly. @BBCNews @BBCNewsPR…

RT @RaniaRamli: RT @RaniaRamli: I was on #PoliticsLive today talking about why I’m backing @jessphillips for Labour Leader ⬇️

RT @RaniaRamli: Why every Labour MP should back a #PeoplesVote and stand up for Remain tonight - my @LabourList article 👇🇪🇺 @LabourStudents @FFSake_…

RT @ellieofftelly: @reviewwales Hi all, we are looking for audience members for our new BBC one political discussion show about social class in Wales. We are filming in Llanelli on the 29th of Jan. Know anyone who would like to attend? PLS RT

RT @sowadally: Come and sign up for the @WelshLabour Summer Training Academy. Loads of training opportunities across Wales over the next 4 months!…

RT @sowadally: Superb speech from @fmwales, showing what it means to have a Labour government & leading the way in exposing Tory shambles on Brexit. #lab17

RT @carolinenokes: Hmmm is that eyebrow threading for men in a barbers going on in the background. Beard trimming for gentlemen fine, but chin waxing for ladies with PCOS not. And therapists doing eyebrows on ladies stand behind the customer, not in front. #ditchthedoublestandards

RT @DisabilityLab: Congratulations to @ellenlmorrison for winning the selection to be our nominated candidate for the Disabled Members Seat on the @UKLabour NEC. Good luck for the rest of your campaign too! ✊🏼✊🏼🌹🌹