All deleted tweets from politicians

Former Labour MP for Colne Valley and former headteacher Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Hartlepool and member of the Northern Independence Party

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RT @BennSociety: Here's a snippet from our interview with @johnmcdonnellMP, focusing on the importance of socialists staying in the Labour Party: "If you're in the party, you're in the room."👇Listen to the full interview here:…

RT @BennSociety: There are as many lefties in Keir Starmer’s shadow cabinet as there there were in Jeremy Corbyn’s first shadow cabinet (2015-2016). So don’t leave, stay and play your part!

RT @BennSociety: If you’re looking forward to our exclusive podcast with John McDonnell (40 minutes to be released around 8pm 😬) how about retweeting this and getting your friends to follow the account? Let’s keep the 🔥 alive!

RT @BennSociety: Some exciting news: @liamyoung has recorded an incredibly interesting podcast with @johnmcdonnellMP for us ranging from Tony Benn’s influence on his politics to Keir Starmer’s victory. We’ll release John’s first interview since stepping down on here later this evening! 💪

Thelma Walker (UKMPs) retweeted @FAC51NIP :

RT @FAC51NIP: Just read the Northern Independence Party manifesto. it is 🔥🔥🔥🔥. Should be published soon. Vote @Thelma_DWalker for Hartlepool. Vote @freenorthnow #freethenorth

Thelma Walker (UKMPs) tweeted :

#Vigils really good but there’s not a lot of laughs are there……

RT @SoProEsther: Lovely to see the @fair_funky ladies at #MYnetworkHUD today ☕️ Have you seen their very own awesome #SCRAPtastic book? Check out all the cool ideas they have for #KidsCrafts “Make it! Don’t waste it!” #ChristmasGiftIdea P.s Love your #KeepCups Do they fit a regular #coffee in?

RT @comp_future: As debate about the future of education rages, not enough is being said about the core failing of English education: rank inequality. On Sept 19th we'll ask @AyoCaesar @bainbridge_edu @SamuelWright78 'What Would a Socially Just Education System Look Like?'…

Thelma Walker (UKMPs) replied to @JonnoDew :

@JonnoDew @Channel4News I think there may be more than Marsha….

RT @PoliticsForAlI: 🚨🇨🇦 | NEW: Canada is to accept 20,000 Afghan refugees, prioritizing the most vulnerable women leaders, human rights defenders, journalists, religious minorities, LGBTQ+, and families of already resettled interpreters