All deleted tweets from politicians

Former Labour MP for Colne Valley and former headteacher Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Hartlepool and the Northern Independence Party

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RT @PhilipProudfoot: I've just read the next draft of NIP's manifesto. This is the version produced with input from members, many of whom are professionals working in health, education, local government, etc. It's absolutely fantastic – amazing – and full of transformative potential.

RT @PhilipProudfoot: I am watching Rachel Johnson, sister of Boris Johnson, comment on newspaper articles about corruption at the heart of her Brother's government and everyone is just acting like this is totally normal.

RT @PhilipProudfoot: RT @PhilipProudfoot: Hartlepool is so lucky they could have Thelma as their MP

RT @PhilipProudfoot: ⚖️✊ CrowdJustice is live! Please RETWEET. 👩‍⚖️👨‍⚖️ This fund goes directly to our lawyers, the same team who won a recent high-profile victory for @AyoCaesar. 🟨🟥 We must never allow democratic socialism to be derailed by right-wing defamation.

RT @PhilipProudfoot: Imagine being a Labour supporter and demanding your party withdraws the whip from @johnmcdonnellMP just for going on @Thelma_DWalker and @tom909's lovely podcast. A podcast! These are troubling times for progressive democratic socialists everywhere.

RT @PhilipProudfoot: Just had a really interesting meeting with @AlexMays90 from @BThroughParty. I love talking about the future of Democratic Socialism on this island with likeminded people ✊

RT @PhilipProudfoot: RT @PhilipProudfoot: The North changed the world with a tiny spark. Let's change it again. Vote @Thelma_DWalker in Hartlepool. https://…

RT @PhilipProudfoot: RT @PhilipProudfoot: Where have I seen that Hartlepool Vicar before? hmmmm

RT @PhilipProudfoot: Catching up with @theTTLLpodcast. The best bits are at the start where @Thelma_DWalker and @TomWolfPA try and always fail to keep the meandering opening chat down to 10 minutes lol.

RT @PhilipProudfoot: RT @PhilipProudfoot: Centrists: "lol, Twitter isn't important." Also Centrists: "Stop being critical of Keith on Twitter, you're gonna 'le…