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Labour MP for Barnsley East

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RT @laurafleur: Quite the contrast to the BBC’s “abortion is a contentious issue” stance from The Times there, who rightly point out that those with serious objection are very much the minority…

RT @SteveArnottAC12: RT @SteveArnottAC12: Me seeing but ignoring all the clues that Hastings is bent. #LineOfDuty

Stephanie Peacock (UKMPs) tweeted :

As @UKLabour's Shadow Fisheries Minister I spoke in yesterday's #FisheriesBill. We called on the Tories to live up to their promises to voters, fishers & coastal areas. It's time the Govt. followed through on its commitments & delivered more jobs +better environmental protections

RT @Steph_Peacock: We continue to live in uncertain and worrying times, but together we will get through it. I have compiled a list of contacts for local and national organisations that might be helpful and can provide support to our community.

RT @syptweet: We are asking anyone who drove along the M1, between J31 and J33, on Sunday (13 Sept) at around 8pm to contact us - especially those with dash cam footage. Enquiries are underway after a woman sadly died after reportedly falling from a bridge.…

RT @wesstreeting: I’m sure now the record has been set straight @NadineDorries @JamesCleverly @aliciakearns @BBradley_Mans @RicHolden @robertcourts and others will want to do the same and do the right thing by @NadiaWhittomeMP.

Stephanie Peacock (UKMPs) tweeted :

I met with @NatInfraCom to discuss flood prevention & defences. Last year, businesses & homes across South Yorkshire, and the rest of the country, were devastated by floods.…

Stephanie Peacock (UKMPs) tweeted :

People are understandably fed up of speeding and racing on the Dearne Valley Parkway. Myself and @JohnHealey_MP held a public meeting on this in July, and I am working with local residents, @syptweets and @BarnsleyCouncil to tackle this issue:…

Click the link below to pledge to pick up litter in your area ◽… #LitterHeroes

Stephanie Peacock (UKMPs) tweeted :

Everyone can join in @KeepBritainTidy's Great British September Clean! This runs until 27th September - you can pick up litter while out for a walk with friends and family or even whilst walking the dog 🐶