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Recovering Labour & Co-op MP for Glasgow North East and Shadow Scotland Office Minister. Former shipbuilder. Omnipresent Glasgow heritage defender.

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Paul Sweeney (UKMPs) replied to @MDMuk :

@MDMuk Absolutely.

@Colin_Fergus @SonOfGibbo Though Jean Roberts was certainly a pioneering figure for women in political leadership in Glasgow. Brought up in Springburn, she was convinced of the need for CDA slum clearances and creation of New Towns. She finished her career as Chair of Cumbernauld Development Corporation.

RT @ReidEileen1: Some folk are actually embarking on a ‘deaths’ competition between the 4 nations. 10s of thousands of bereaved loved ones to Covid are sure to be enjoying the sport.

RT @ReidEileen1: I’d you don’t feel sick to your stomach about pupils from deprived areas with their heads in their hands today, there’s something wrong with you.

RT @ReidEileen1: Terrific thread with intelligent, longer term solutions to repair a sclerotic, unfair system. In the meantime, today’s fiasco needs sorting, & fast. If it isn’t, the life chances of pupils already disadvantaged will be severely impaired. It’s unjust.

RT @PaulJSweeney: So the Education Secretary has secured the 'confidence' of supine party hacks to keep his ministerial limo and salary. Pity they never uttered a word in defence of working class kids. His credibility remains ruined where it matters, in the eyes of pupils, teachers and parents.

RT @BarryBlackNE: SQA won't release the outcomes of non-urgent appeals until NEXT YEAR. After the Scottish Parliament elections. That is astonishing. From @scottishlabour release -

Paul Sweeney (UKMPs) retweeted @JackDeeth :

RT @JackDeeth: @PaulJSweeney @FirstinGlasgow @GetGlesgaMoving As a former bus driver - yep, can we get a TfL-style commercial system in place please - public body specifies the routes, timetables, and the fare system, and receives the fares. And private companies if they wish can bid to supply vehicles and drivers to a specified standard.

@gordonmaloney The irony is Jim Murphy's campaign in 2015 was largely targeted towards voters who had broken for Yes in the 2014 referendum. The timing was too raw at that point to avoid an inevitable fracture in the Labour vote, but I'm not sure why that underlying logic has shifted.

RT @KevinJPringle: A sobering analysis of the UK by @TomMcTague in @TheAtlantic, including chronic regional inequality.…