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Labour & Co-op Member of Parliament for Plymouth Sutton & Devonport, Shadow Environment Secretary and a big fan of cake. #lukeMP

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RT @officialraiders: This is a great initiative, well done @LukePollard & @PlymouthLabour! Raiders will be supporting and if you can support, too, please sign up now!!…

RT @officialraiders: RT @officialraiders: Thanks again @LukePollard, it's a great debate and your words meant a lot!!…

RT @officialraiders: @LukePollard @UKParliament @alexsobel Thanks so much for your support @LukePollard and @Alexsobel. It means a great deal to the clubs across the country who are doing a brilliant job to deliver and grow this incredibly diverse sport to people of all ages and from all walks of life. #followthefox #BritishBasketball

RT @AngelaRayner: RT @AngelaRayner: Boris Johnson just said "we believe in higher wages". That's a lie. He isn't giving socail care workers higher wages. #P…

We are still trying to get over 100 people with links to our city back to safety. I’m really worried that time is running out to help them. And I think the government knows this.

RT @DCPoliceinWW1: Remembering Inspector William John Wyatt from Plymouth Borough Police, who died #OTD in 1917 in service with the 2nd Devonshire Regiment, aged 36. He was the first officer from the Plymouth force to join up voluntarily #DCPWW1

Luke Pollard MP (UKMPs) tweeted :

Good to be out on the doors helping the local Labour Party in Fulton and Bradley Stoke today. #labourdoorstep

RT @GraemeDemianyk: Astonishing. Ex-head of civil service tells @BBCNewsnight some ministers saw Theresa May's 'hostile environment' crackdown as 'reminiscent of Nazi Germany'…

RT @FrancisWheen: Today's pisspoor Times story is almost identical to the Sunday Times's 1995 farrago - even making the same easily disprovable claim that Michael Foot was enthusiastically pro-Soviet until 1968. Published by the same editor, too. Funny, that.

Luke Pollard MP (UKMPs) tweeted :

Lovely to know you follow me so closely Harry. But perhaps, young people are better messengers to other young people than stuffy Ministers in suits behind podiums who shafted them over the exam results fiasco? Let’s find the most effective way to get more people double jabbed.