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National Secretary of The People’s Assembly

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Laura Pidcock (UKMPs) tweeted :

North East people ◽◽

Laura Pidcock (UKMPs) tweeted :

The government has the power to end the exploitative practice of ‘Fire and Rehire’. Workers should not have to pay for this crisis through their wages or conditions. All power to workers fighting against this terrible practice #EndFireAndRehire

RT @JackCox83: RT @JackCox83: My issue of @tribunemagazine came today! Looking forward to reading @LauraPidcockMP piece.

RT @MrBenSellers: Absolutely shocked to hear of Nigel Todd’s death. I’m devastated & all over the NE & the country, people will be too. Nigel was special, someone who exuded gentle warmth & deep knowledge. He taught us so much. Thoughts & sympathies with @selina_todd, who’ll be hurting so much. ❤️

RT @skwawkbox: RT @skwawkbox: NC members Nadia Jama and Howard Beckett on Pint and Politics now...…

RT @clairemward123: if you are a trade unionist who believes in the right to representation and collective bargaining this is a ballot to watch and support @LauraPidcockMP @grahamemorris @the_pda_union @IanLaveryMP…

RT @jessicaelgot: Pregnant pause on baby leave proxy vote vexes MPs - such a terribly outdated system that forces women to risk giving birth in the voting lobbies. Respect to ⁦@joswinson⁩@LauraPidcockMP⁩ but it shouldn’t have to be like this.…